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New Zealand an example of virtuous pandemic policymaking Comments 0

virtuous pandemic policymaking

Bolstered by scientific evidence, virtue ethics can help nations reopen not just economically but morally, too, according to a post in The Conversation. New Zealand is held up as an excellent example of virtuous pandemic policymaking even considering its advantages in having wealth, low density and no land borders say Mary Elizabeth Collins and Sarah B Read more

St Gerard’s – strengthening costs not a “headache” Comments 0

St Gerard's

The International Catholic Programme of Evangelisation (IPCE) owns Wellington’s St Gerard’s monastery and church buildings. The buildings are rated at 25 per cent of the New Building Standard (NBS), anything under 34 per cent is considered earthquake-prone. IPCE have until 2027 to complete the strengthening. They have just $42,000 sitting in a fund to get Read more

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Living with end of life possibilities Comments 0

end of life

Seven years ago I was told I had a 25 percent chance of living five years without the cancer returning; two years ago I was given 12 months to live. Plainly the upcoming End of Life Choice referendum concerns me, others like me, and all those involved in my care. I’ve just put the phone Read more

My time in prison – George Cardinal Pell Comments 0

George Pell from prison

There is a lot of goodness in prison. At times, I am sure, prisons may be hell on earth. I was fortunate to be kept safe and treated well. I was impressed by the professionalism of the warders, the faith of the prisoners, and the existence of a moral sense even in the darkest places. Read more

Isolated Pope Francis faces yet another setback in pandemic Comments 0


The world-wide restrictions on public events to deal with the coronavirus pandemic are the latest blow to Pope Francis, whose pontificate has been struggling in recent years to sustain the progressive hopes that the Argentine raised early in his reign. The pandemic has hindered Pope Francis’ ability to communicate his teachings and promote his causes, Read more

How to pray, talk and act across faiths without betraying your own Comments 0

across faiths

I can’t pray in Jesus’ name, but I say “peace be upon him” when I hear it. For though he is one of Islam’s greatest prophets, referenced throughout the Quran and praised with lofty virtues, to pray in his name would be a violation to my faith’s tenets. In a recent conversation with two friends, Read more

School sign says To Legalise is to Normalise Comments 0


A digital sign displayed on a school board outside St Paul’s College in Ponsonby in Auckland reads: “To legalise is to normalise. Say no.” “Isn’t it illegal for a high school to push political opinions on students?” a Reddit user posted in the forum. According to Education Ministry guidance, boards of trustees as a state Read more

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    • City council has no issues with church noise

      It seems neighbours of a suburban church will have to put up with loud preaching, chanting and drumming into the early hours of the morning. Christchurch City Council says Light of All Nations church in Tankerville Rd, Hoon Hay has Read more
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  • Radical shake up to Vatican Curia Comments 0


    The Vatican Curia looks likely to soon get a radical shake-up, comments Robert Mickens, in La Croix International. According to his sources, the Rome-based editor for La Croix International, says that Pope Francis has signed off Praedicate Evangelium, the upcoming apostolic constitution that will reform the Roman Curia. Francis will receive the resignation of around Read more

  • Archbishop envisages women’s inclusion in the College of Cardinals Comments 0

    A time when women’s inclusion in the College of Cardinals is acceptable is not hard to imagine, says Archbishop Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, president of the French Bishops’ Conference (CEF). “Nothing prevents them from holding many more important functions in the workings of the institution, with everything being a matter of competence.” Furthermore, Moulins-Beaufort is not opposed Read more

  • Teaching maths, history and economics is ministry in a Catholic school Comments 0

    The question of religious schools’ right to hire and fire teachers has been decided by the US Supreme Court. The Court found in favor of two Catholic schools in California, ruling that a “ministerial exception” to government interference applies to teachers in religious schools. The justices ruled in a 7-2 decision that teachers at Catholic Read more

  • Woman’s Day appoints a Chief Spiritual Officer Comments 0

    A new spiritual role has come for TV star and producer Candace Cameron Bure. The actress – famous for her roles AS DJ Tanner on Full House, Fuller House and various Hallmark movies – has accepted a new role: as the Woman’s Day’s new Chief Spiritual Officer, or CSO. As a woman who has always Read more

  • Church’s relevance in society is diminishing says bishop Comments 0

    The Church’s relevance in today’s society is diminishing, says Bishop Heiner Wilmer of Hildersheim, Germany. Last year, a record 272,771 Catholics in Germany formally left the Church. While Wilmer is concerned there could be a further drop in church attendance due to the coronavirus crisis, his main concern is the Church’s apparent irrelevance in today’s Read more